Solidarity Bahrain Wins the Best Digital Transformation Insurance Company of the Year Award

Solidarity Bahrain B.S.C, one of the largest insurance companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain and a subsidiary of Solidarity Group Holding, has been awarded by The Global Economics magazine as the “Best Digital Transformation Insurance Company” the award recognizes Solidarity Bahrain for their digitally innovative solutions and value propositions in the kingdom of Bahrain for the year 2020.


Solidarity Bahrain has been awarded for its pivotal role in pioneering at the forefront of the digital insurance sector in the kingdom of Bahrain. As the award states that Solidarity Bahrain continuously strives to provide customers with unmatched digital innovative solutions and experiences, through simplifying the means of transacting with the company.


Commenting on this occasion, Jawad Mohammed, CEO, Solidarity Bahrain stated: “We are very honored to receive this recognition from The Global Economics magazine as the kingdom’s Best Digital Transformation Insurance Company” of the year. He also stated: “This milestone achievement is a testament that reiterates our commitment to further enhance our customer’s experience through introducing innovative digital services that are backed by globally trending technologies in the Bahraini insurance market”. He also stated: “We aim to continue accelerating our products and services through introducing innovative digital solutions to support the needs of our customers in a digital evolving world”.


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