Solidarity Bahrain Announces Key Promotions

Solidarity Bahrain Announces Key Promotions

Solidarity Bahrain, one of the largest insurance companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain and a subsidiary of Solidarity Group Holding BSC, recently announced key promotions of its high-achieving employees to senior leadership positions.

Since inception, Solidarity Bahrain has focused on attracting and training Bahrainis and remained committed to building and nurturing a skilled workforce capable of executing the company’s strategic plan. The announcement of the promotions reiterates the company’s directive to supporting employees’ career progression and enhancing its level of products and services.

Solidarity Bahrain has announced recently the promotion of Mr. Ahmed Hulaibi to the position of Head of Financial Control and Investments, Ms. Sana Al Darazi as Head of Medical Services, Mr. Husain Sabt as Head of Information Technology, Ms. Yasmeen Ameeri as Head of Technical Department, Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal as Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Ali Shaban as Head of Motor, and Mr. Jalal Aqelah as Senior Manager – Digital Transformation, Mr. Yusuf Haroon as Senior Manager – Human Capital and Support, Mr. Sajay Induchoodan and Mr. Rajesh Babu as Senior Managers – Technical, and Mr. Hasan Aamer as Manager – Information Security. The announcement comes as a testimony to the company’s vision in supporting career development, as well as its unwavering confidence in the ability of its employees.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Jawad Mohammed, Chief Executive Officer of Solidarity Bahrain, said: “Firstly, I would like to extend my congratulations to all of the promoted employees as these promotions come as a reflection of their hard work and dedication, and it gives us great pleasure to invest in our employees, witness their growth, and see them take over significant roles at the company. We believe our employees are the Company’s most valuable asset, and we remain committed to developing their career progression by providing them with continuous coaching, training and guidance.” He also added: “We are proud that Solidarity Bahrain is one of the largest contributors to the development and training of Bahraini leaders in the field, and we are pleased that our female cadre has a strong presence in the series of promotions, which reflects the Company’s commitment to empowering women and appointing them to leadership positions.

“The new appointments and promotions of these employees add an overall depth and skill set, which is considered instrumental in executing the company’s strategic initiatives” added Mr. Mohammed.