Solidarity Hosted its “FEKRA” for the 2nd Consecutive Year

Solidarity Hosted its “FEKRA” for the 2nd Consecutive Year

Manama, Bahrain: In line with its continuous commitments towards developing valuable insurance solutions, accelerate problem-solving, cultivating local talents, and creating healthy environment, Solidarity Bahrain, one of the largest insurance companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain and a subsidiary of Solidarity Group Holding BSC, hosted its internal innovative program, “FEKRA” for the second consecutive year.

The innovative program, “FEKRA” is part of Solidarity’s initiatives focusing on employee experience and improving business operations, by developing and empowering the company’s talents, creating more opportunities for them to thrive as they are groomed for potential future leadership roles, and creating a high-performance organisational culture within the company.

“FEKRA” program aims at engaging employees from different departments and different qualification backgrounds, by formulating their own team through a dedicated platform during the duration of eight weeks.

The program included intensive coaching and mentorship sessions, where employees presented their innovative insurance solutions to the judging panel which consisted of senior officials from Solidarity Bahrain.

On this occasion, Mohamed Awachi AGM – Corporate Support, Solidarity Bahrain stated: “We are proud of the success of the program, the pitched ideas, and the innovative solutions proposed by our employees”. He also stated: “The company strives to engineer and develop its insurance solutions in-house and encourages its employees to be part of the solution for potential operational challenges”. He also added: “FEKRA is set to take place yearly reflecting our strong commitment towards empowering our employees, encouraging thought leadership culture, and engage employees in future decision making.”