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Yellow Submarine!

Sailing between the sky of blue and sea of green

Many risks surround a sailing craft including fire, natural perils, theft and accidental damage, as long as it can sail, it will be covered under the pleasure craft policy.

Beyond the sea.

Accidents and damage to others even beyond the sea

Any damage or loss caused to others whether another craft, people or property as well as any legal liabilities will be covered with our pleasure craft insurance.

Ready to row?

Engines are covered, no rowing required

Just like the craft, engines are exposed to all risks in the sea; damage to engines can be a very bad experience and a very costly one. Our pleasure craft insurance protects your financial risks towards any damage or loss to your engine resulting from fire, theft and accidental damage.

Go green!

No trees were harmed during any of our online transactions

Transacting online is an eco-friendly process that does not consume volumes of trees, thus help in protecting the environment.

Warranty is not void!

All personal possessions onboard

Using a laptop in the sea is not uncommon, like any other personal belonging whether electronic or not, damage or loss would really disturb a fine outing in the sea. Should this event result from fire, natural perils or even theft, our insurance policy gets you covered.
All other terms and conditions remains as per the original policy wording.
  • Accidents such as stranding, sinking, stress of weather, fire, lightning, collision, contact with any external objects
  • Latent defects in the hull and machinery
  • Negligence
  • Theft of the entire vessel, or following forcible entry into the vessel or store, machinery, fittings or equipment
  • Theft of or dropping off of outboard motor when fitted to the vessel
  • Loss or damage to the vessel whilst in transit within the country in which vessel is moored
  • Salvage and sue and labor charges
  • Third Party Legal Liability

Please refer to the Policy Specifications for full details.

  • Loss of or damage to motor and connections or electrical equipment and batteries
  • Loss of or damage caused by fire or explosion, unless fire extinguishers are installed and maintained in working order
  • Sails and protective covers split by the wind or blown away whilst set
  • Consumable stores, moorings or fishing gear
  • Ship’s boat(s) not permanently marked with the name of the parent vessel
  • Loss of or damage to sails, masts, rigging etc. whilst racing
  • Loss or damage due to wear, tear and gradual deterioration
  • The vessel may only be used for private pleasure purposes unless specially agreed
  • Personal Effects, unless specially declared and agreed.
  • Loss, damage, expenses, liability in respect of nuclear risks
  • If the vessel is more than 5 years old

Please refer to the Policy Specifications for full details.

Please click the link below to view the full Policy specifications of the product you are currently viewing.

– Policy Specification
– Brochure

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