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Choose from a wide range of benefits and covers, to gain instant access on a large network of healthcare providers both locally or internationally.

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Healthcare cover comes in handy when travelling; all the unplanned emergency medical expenses are covered.


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The personal information you provide is only used to complete your application and/or policy. The details provided are kept in our records and are considered confidential.

All other terms and conditions remains as per the original policy wording.
  • Health Services, which are not medically necessary
  • Self-inflicted or voluntary harm or injury including attempted suicide
  • Birth defects, congenital diseases or deformities
  • Growth hormone therapy
  • All substances which are not considered as medicines

Please refer to the Policy Specifications for full details.

  • Direct billing facility for inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • Unlimited outpatient cover for all plans
  • All children are covered from day “one” (Premature child is covered as well)
  • Dedicated hotline ensuring high level of customer service

Please refer to the Policy Specifications for full details.

Please click the link below to view the full Policy specifications of the product you are currently viewing.

– Policy Specification

– Brochure

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