Smart Device

Peace of Mind!
• Smart Device policy covers the cost of repairs at many authorised service providers.
• If your devise is not repairable, it will be replaced with brand-new one.
• Whether its latest iPhone, Samsung or iPad pro, we insure all major brands.

Accidental damages to your Smart Device caused by the following are covered!
• Damage from water, humidity & sand
• Accidental damage by dropping or impact
• Abrasion
• Complete replacement if not repairable

• Accidental damage or losses that occur outside the territory of the Kingdom of Bahrain
• Scratches, dents, or aesthetic/cosmetic damage that does not impede the proper functioning of the device
• Any claim or event reimbursable under any other insurance or manufacture Warranty
• Mysterious disappearance, circumstances, or unexplained reasons
• Normal wear and tear, obsolescence

• Cover to be obtained within 15 days from purchase.
• This Insurance Certificate is not renewable
• This insurance is not transferable to any subsequent owner of the Insured Device
• The maximum limit for the repair or replacement costs for the whole duration of the Insurance Certificate will be in any case, the purchase value of the Insured good

Please refer to the Policy Specifications and Brochure for full details.