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Cancelled or delayed flights

Cancelled or delayed flights may cause disruption to the trip and may incur extra cost; this cost is covered under our Travel insurance policy.


Accidental damage to others

Should you get involved in causing damage or harm towards others, our policy covers your liability against third party.

All eggs in one basket!

Loss of baggage, money or credit cards

All stolen or lost personal belongings such as suitcases, wallets, travel tickets or passports are covered.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Worldwide emergency medical care

  • Medical
  • Surgery
  • Pharmaceutical expenses
  • Dental treatment
  • Emergency medical transportation to hospital or country of residence

Wet Floor.

Life changing accidents

As silly as slipping on a peel of banana or wet floor, the outcome can be a lifelong struggle. Total or partial disability is covered.
Worldwide Coverage
All other terms and conditions remains as per the original policy wording.
  • Pre-existing medical condition
  • HIV related illness
  • Traveling against the advice of a medical practitioner
  • Traveling outside the country of residence for taking medical advice
  • Giving birth during or within three months of the trip
  • Willful acts of an insured person, practice of dangerous sports/activities
  • Any consequence of war, terrorism and related risks
  • Covid 19 coverage for age 75 and above
  • Sanction countries

Please refer to the Policy Specifications for full details.

  • Covid 19 medical Expenses
  • 14 days quarantine Expenses
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Emergency dental care
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Personal accidents
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Premature return due to death of close relative
  • Cancellation and curtailment of flights
  • Delayed departure
  • Loss of personal baggage/personal money & tickets
  • Delayed baggage
  • Loss of passport
  • Personal liability
  • Winter Sport
  • Terrorism

Please refer to the Policy Specifications for full details.

Please click the link below to view the full Policy specifications of the product you are currently viewing.

– Policy Specification

Note: Solidarity Bahrain B.S.C., hereinafter referred to as “Solidarity”, is as diligent as possible
in compiling and updating the information on its website. However, Solidarity does not guarantee the completeness of the information provided on its website. Equally, Solidarity does not guarantee that this information is up to date. For questions concerning our insurance policies, their specifications and their utilization, please read the policy specification document carefully. The policy specifications documents can change without notice, from time to time at Solidarity’s sole discretion. Solidarity will post regular amendments when deemed necessary to the website, benefits, exclusions and policy specification sections.